UPDATE: Due to a scheduling issue we, regretably, have to move the go live date back to Tuesday, April 30th. At this time we do not forsee any issues which would require further rescheduling of the upgrade.

UPDATE: The upgrades to our Internet Banking system will go live on Tuesday, April 16th at 8:00am. Users should expect some service disruptions starting after midnight and leading up to the 8:00am launch.

We’re upgrading Your Business Internet Banking! In mid-April we will be making enhancements to our Internet Banking with Bill Pay system, and we’d like to share them with you! First Enterprise Bank's new upgraded Business Internet Banking will offer increased convenience and security, providing you with quality experience that you expect from First Enterprise Bank with a new look and the enhancements detailed below.

We will be updating this page more information as we get closer to the launch date. Please check back to stay up-to-date on this exciting upgrade!

Refreshed Look and Additional Conveniences

With First Enterprise Bank's new Business Internet Banking services, Supervisors have access to Manage Users and Company Settings. Supervisors can reset Internet banking passwords and cookies within the enhanced Administration module. This allows companies to review users regularly and amend access as needed without the assistance of FEB Client Services.

Enhanced Administration

Protecting your account is a top priority at First Enterprise Bank. With our new Business Internet Banking services, you can use our Transfer feature located in the Business Application section. This feature allows supervisors to manage which users have access to the Transfers within the enhanced Administration module. You can implement dual control procedures with enhanced dual authorization. Supervisors can restrict dual authorization by account and user limits. Our new Business Internet Banking services provide you with complete control!

Added Layers of Security

Within the Business Application module of our new Business Online Services, users will have access to enhanced features and functionality. Business Internet Banking users can set up recurring ACH transactions within the Business Application Module. These enhanced features also include Document Delivery and a dynamic calendar tool to assist Business Internet Banking users with their Business Application needs.

Improved Business Applications

With easy to use navigation, First Enterprise Bank's new Business Internet Banking services provides your business with robust, secure, user friendly functionality. We're excited to introduce the following enhanced features to make your online experience even more convenient:

  • Pay Bills
  • Payroll
  • Collections
  • EFTPS Tax Payments
  • ACH Payments
  • Transfers
  • Authorize Transactions
  • ACH Receipts
  • Administration
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New Easy to Use Features

Some of the features you will be able to utilize for your online banking experience include:

  • List your accounts in the order you prefer
  • Change your password and security settings
  • Column sorting options
  • Calendar date selection tool
  • Paging tools to decrease scrolling
  • Extended account history
  • Quick links to View History and Export History
  • Easy account selection for funds transfers

Alerts to Help You Better Manage Your Finances

New alert options have been added to notify you when certain online activities have occurred. The following alerts can be used to advise you of activity on all of your qualified accounts. These alerts are sent to the designated email address within your First Enterprise Bank profile.

  • Account Balance Alerts
  • Address Change Alerts
  • Password Change or Reset Alerts
  • Unsuccessful Login Attempt Alerts