Internet Banking with Bill Pay
With free Internet banking our most convenient location is everywhere.

Blue Square AccentGive yourself the freedom to bank whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you. First Enterprise Bank's Internet Banking with Bill Pay is the fast, free and secure way to view all your First Enterprise Bank accounts in one place, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Security You Can Trust

Conducting your banking online is typically safer than traditional banking, enabling you to view account activity regularly. With enhanced security features, you can remain confident that First Enterprise Bank's additional layer of security is still protecting you.

Account Number Display

In order to keep your account number confidential, all but the last four numbers of the account number are hidden when viewing your accounts in First Enterprise Bank's Internet Banking with Bill Pay. This will ensure that your account numbers are confidential, yet you’re still able to recognize your account by viewing the last four numbers.

Password Assistance

You can automatically reset your password when you have failed your attempts or have forgotten your password. This means you can initiate a request at the password screen to have a new password emailed to the email address we have on file, after you correctly answer one of your challenge questions, any time day or night.

Layers of Security - Multi-Factor Authentication

Our layers of security feature additional layers of identity verification when signing into First Enterprise Bank's Internet Banking with Bill Pay.

  • A unique image you choose
  • Your image title - the unique phrase you create to accompany your image
  • Three challenge questions only you know the answers to - we'll ask them if you don't sign in from the computer you told us to recognize
Providing you added protection from Identity Theft and Fraud

Confidence - When you see your previously selected image, you can be confident that you're at First Enterprise Bank's valid Internet Banking website, and not a fraudulent, imposter site. Only enter your password when you see the image and image title that you selected.

Recognition - We display your image when we recognize you as the true owner of your account. If you don't sign in from the computer you typically use, we'll ask you a challenge question.

Online Bill Pay

Who has time to mess with writing checks and searching for stamps? Pay your bills the safe, easy and convenient way with First Enterprise Bank Online Bill Payment.

Why Online Bill Pay?
  • With online bill pay, you don't have to spend time writing checks, arranging and mailing bills or purchase the latest postage stamps. Enroll in online bill pay and manage your accounts virtually anytime, anywhere.
  • Pay your bills online when you want — on payday, near the due date, or whenever you choose.
  • Pay almost anyone, the babysitter, landlord, or pay businesses like your cell phone or utility company.
  • Set up recurring payments for monthly bills that remain the same amount each month such as a car payment, mortgage or rent payment. With recurring payments you'll have peace of mind that your payments have been made on time, every month.
  • Use online bill pay to schedule payments in advance. Simply date your payment for the day you want it to be sent. You can even schedule them to pay a bill each month, up to a year in advance. And, you can even change these instructions anytime, so you have complete control over how and when you pay your bills.
  • Track your Bill Pay history — see who you paid, when, and the amount you paid.


Go paperless with eStatements! Now you can view, print and save your account statements with our paperless solutions, eStatements. eStatements are electronic copies of your account statements and they look exactly like your current paper statements. To provide you even greater convenience when you go paperless, you can receive your account statements electronically in PDF format simply by enrolling in our eStatement service. You can safely and securely organize your account statements without the hassle of paper. Sign Up for eStatements today!

eStatement Features
  • Account Statements When You Want - Accessing or viewing up to eighteen months of your account statements is as easy as logging into eStatements.
  • Stay Organized - The PDF copy is available online for up to 18 months, making it easier for record keeping and tax preparation.
  • Check Images - View, print, or save images of your checks.
  • Email Notification - Receive an email when your statement is available online. No more waiting for the mailman.

With First Enterprise Bank's Internet Banking you can:

  • View your account balances, checks, and deposits
  • Sort your accounts in the order that you prefer
  • Protect your accounts with our enhanced security features
  • Pay bills online with convenient one-time or reoccurring payments and eliminate the need for checks, envelopes and stamps
  • View extended account history - up to 15 months!
  • Transfer funds between your First Enterprise Bank accounts now, or schedule them for a later date
  • Sign up for paperless e-Statements for your checking and savings accounts
  • Monitor account activity with email alerts
  • View both the front and back sides of your checks once they post to your account
  • View and export your account history to popular financial management software products

Alerts to Help You Better Manage Your Finances

New alert options have been added to notify you when certain online activities have occurred. The following alerts can be used to advise you of activity on all of your qualified accounts. These alerts are sent to the designated email address within your First Enterprise Bank profile.

  • Account Balance Alerts
  • Address Change Alerts
  • Password Change or Reset Alerts
  • Unsuccessful Login Attempt Alerts

Helpful Security Tips

ComputerProtecting your financial information is one of First Enterprise Bank's most important responsibilities.

Click the link below to find out how you can protect yourself online.

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